CV Template

Your CV is your shop window.  It has to be attractive, clear and interesting. This is your first point of sale contact – make sure it has impact and is inviting.

There are no hard and fast rules; Following the simple template CV below should help you to work out what you need to include – and in the order that’s appropriate.

Phone Number
Email Address

Personal Profile

A brief summary of your personality, character traits, things that you are good at…..

Employment History

List all appropriate roles with the most recent first.  You need to account for any gaps in employment – think about the person (or people) who will be looking at your CV – what will they want to see?

Dec 2012 – present        Company Name

Job Title

Brief introduction of job details

  • Bullet point key successes and achievements / other information
  • Another achievement
  • And another

Mar 2006 – Dec 2012     Company Name

Job Title

Follow the same format for each job


List any qualifications achieved, any training courses attended and particularly any Professional Qualifications you may have.

Personal Interests

Try to make these interesting of you must have them on your CV.  Try and make sure they are relevant or at least not inappropriate for any role you are applying for.


Available on request – Unless you have references you can include, it’s always good to give references where possible – it can mean a speedier application process.


You do not need to cover every job role that you have ever had.

Go back no more than 10 or 15 years depending on your career history

Try to keep your CV to 2 pages or less